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Q2 Mini Portable GPS Tracker

Q2 Personal Tracker is a miniature GSM based GPS tracker designed for personal and asset tracking.

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With alerts like geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery, SIM card change alert and many other advanced reporting features. It has a calling function allowing for bi-directional voice calls. The Q2 is a versatile real-time personal tracker ideal for tracking kids, people, personnel, luggage, sport bags etc.

With a 900mAh Li-polymer battery, it can track up to 6 days depending on setting.

Applications: Kids (at Schools, in Security Estates, at Sporting events etc), Runners, Cyclists, Baggage, Luggage etc.


  • Location and sensor data through Sigfox compliant radio networks
    Rugged IP67 enclosure
  • Fully internal battery powered
  • Long range connectivity
  • Low Cost Low Power design with up to 10 year autonomy
  • Small, compact and easy to install and conceal
  • Supports peripheral sensors for applications such as tamper detection

Platform & Data Management

Device data such as GPS location, temperature and battery status is securely transmitted via the Sigfox cloud infrastructure to the back-end tracking platform and reporting provided is standard. Integrated with our state-of-the-art we based tracking platform and mobile tracking application you’ll have visibility of your assets on the go.

General Information

  • Operating temperature: -20°C / +65°C
  • Mounting Options: Screws, rivets, tie-wraps and 2-sided tape
  • Dimensions: 110 x 58 x 30 nm
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Housing: Ip67
  • Antennas: All integrated (Internal)
  • GPS LNA: On-board
  • External Sensors: Various supported
  • Standards: EN 300-220, EN 301-489, EN 60950, ICASA, CE

SF RF Power:14 dBm (25mW),, SF RF sensitivity: up to – 127 dBm,, GPS Sensitivity,, Tracking:-158 dBm,, GPS Sensitivity Navigation: -157 dBm


Temperature / Humidity Sensor,, Ambient light sensor,, Quality of air sensor,, Digital and Analogue IO,, Bluetooth (BLE),, GPS,, Accelerometer


SIGFOX network protocol,, Transmission cycles: 2, 50, 100 or 140 frames per day,, Data encryption: AES128 Option


Battery end of life,, Over Temperature,, Tamper Detection


The device is available of RC1 (Europe, middle East & South Africa)


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